A new direction for The Foundation

Over the past 12 months the RAR Foundation Board undertook a fundamental review of The Foundation as has redefined the mission as being:

“To strengthen the Royal Australian Regiment through support to the professional
development and welfare of the Regiment and its serving members.“

The new mission has expanded The Foundation’s support to units of the Regiment for activities that:

  • are related to the history of the Regiment.
  • provide leadership development and resilience opportunities that are not readily available in Army.
  • allow professional development to occur in units that are beyond the capabilities and resources of that unit
  • provide coaching and mentoring to individuals and groups.
  • facilitate activities that allow for ‘cross-pollination’ between units of the Regiment.

The Foundation will continue to provide financial support to serving members of the Regiment and their immediate families to alleviate hardship when they cannot obtain support from other sources.

The RAR Foundation will continue to sponsor and organise the annual Hassett Award for the best junior leader in the Regiment. The competition is between lieutenants, corporals and lance corporals. All the nominees for the 2017 Hassett Award have travelled on a battlefield tour of Vietnam which allowed for ‘cross-pollination’ between units of the Regiment.

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